“Amy hunter is a self-taught, emerging artist from Darkinjung land on the Central Coast of NSW. Taking the earths visceral flows as her ever-shifting source of inspiration, Hunter's practice reflects a deep meditation into the contours of the bodies and worlds which surround her.

As a mother and artist, Amy’s work explores the maternal experience through reoccurring motifs of a fluid, bodily form. Leaving slight ivory voids in the painted feminine frames allows Hunter to treat her practice as an expansion of her own mother-hood, depicting this exchange of life as a deep, outer-body connection.

With an accompanying background in interiors and design, the artist harmonises positive and negative space in an interwoven dance between surface, ink and brush. In her most recent collection, Hunter integrates acrylic paint to her practice, adopting a soft and earthy palette to bestow a more grounded nuance to her womanly subjects.”




written by Charli Gerry.    
photography by Joshua Smith.

social - @amyhunterstudio